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Care Packages

Ben-Gurion and Michael Matsas giving care packages to Israeli soldiers Sometimes it is hard for IDF lone soldiers to access basic necessities.  We focus on these small details which enhance and create a better army experience for our lone soldiers, making sure that whether they are on or off base their basic needs are covered. We are distributing care […]


Each year, approximately 50 young men and women graduate from the Israel Youth Village high school. The Village is extremely proud of the fact that, upon graduation, almost 100% of its graduates are inducted into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) where they proudly serve their country for 2 (women) -3 (men) years. Israel is a […]

What Is A Lone Soldier?

WHAT IS A LONE SOLDIER? In the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), a lone soldier (Hebrew: חייל בודד‎‎, Ḥayal Boded) is defined as a serviceman or woman without immediate family in Israel. Lone soldiers serve in regular units and combat units as well. Their exact number fluctuates over time, but is consistently in the thousands; the […]

Our Lone Soldiers

Our Lone Soldiers Many students of the Israel Youth Village, and graduates, are living in Israel without their families. A majority of these students are on the NAALEH Program sponsored by the Jewish Agency, which brings youngsters from different countries to Israel without their families for 9th to 12th grade. In addition, other students that come […]